9 Common Roofing Problems (And How Roof Rite Can Help)

Roofers in Oakland County, Michigan know how important it is to take a proactive approach to roof maintenance to prevent common problems from developing into serious ones. It’s also crucial to avoid mistakes when installing a new roof. With that in mind, be on the lookout for these nine common problems that can happen to your roof, whether it’s old or new.

Keep an eye out for:

1. Blistering or Shrinkage Issues

It’s an unfortunate reality, but materials tend to contract over time, and this can cause issues. The material beneath the shingles or tiles of a roof, also known as the roof membrane, is where this tends to happen. Aging is a common cause of shrinkage, but also improperly installed roofs or moisture can cause it as well. It produces cracking, or there will be a phenomenon called “crazing” in the upper layer, which means little veins of cracks begin to appear on the roof surface and could eventually grow into more serious fissures. Minor blistering might not be a cause for immediate concern other than close monitoring, but major blistering needs quick attention.

2. Damage in the Wood Beneath Overhangs

This kind of damage is most often caused by animals, usually birds, rodents or larger animals that creep along the roofs and are attracted to the wood beneath overhangs. They tear open holes, especially at the soffits, and generally make a nuisance of themselves, causing costly damage to your roof and interior.

3. Leaks and Moisture

Whether it is an especially bad storm or season of wet and snowy weather or just years of wet seasons causing the problem gradually, leaks and damage from moisture is one of the biggest and most common headaches in the life of a roof. As moisture creeps underneath roofing material, it can cause rot, mold and leaks into the home. Also, when flashing isn’t attached and sealed properly or when builders take the short-cut of installing old, used flashing, leaks and moisture are sure to follow.

In addition, the fascia, or the front board on your roof, can easily be damaged by moisture and needs consistent monitoring.

4. Bad Installation

This falls in the category of human error. If your roof was installed incorrectly from the beginning, it increases the likelihood of common roofing problems. Common errors in the installation process include poorly installed flashing, which is the sealing material around vents and pipes, or poor drainage in the gutters or HVAC areas, which then causes the pooling of standing water (which leads to the problems listed in #3). Badly installed flashing can also lead to roof material blowing off in high-wind situations, which can quickly multiply your roof maintenance headaches into a long list of problems.

5. Damage From Wind

Puncture damage caused by a torrential storm or by the accumulation of windy days over the course of a year is a common problem. The flashing (sealant) around vents and pipes and HVAC units are especially vulnerable to wind damage and need consistent monitoring if windy weather is common for your area.

6. Damage From Trees

Of course, tree branches hitting your home when a blast of wind comes during the storm is an obvious source of tree damage, but the less obvious source comes from the slow abrasions that accumulate when low-hanging trees continually grind against a roof over long periods of time. Avoiding this problem requires careful attention to trees that are in contact with your roof.

7. Water Buildup in Gutter

This is caused mostly by neglect, but if your gutters are not regularly cleaned and cleared of backed-up debris, the water has nowhere to go, and it begins to gather in the worst spot possible: right on top of your roof. This leads to leaks and moisture damage and even serious wood rot.

8. Improper Ventilation

With proper ventilation, all of the heat that rises to the top of the house, to the attic, is supposed to pass through the vents into the outside air. If the ventilation was improperly installed or if it was damaged or blocked somehow and never fixed, the heat will build up instead of vent freely out of the house. This problem leads to long-term damages to the roofing material at the top of the house–damage such as moisture, rot, unsightly mildew and other problems.

9. Damage From Frequent Walking on the Roof

You may not do it often, but if you climb up on your roof while doing HVAC repairs or installing holiday decorations of if you use your roof for recreational activities such as stargazing, eventually damage is done. One broken or cracked shingle here and there eventually grows into significant damage. Besides damaging shingles, it can slowly wear away the integrity of the roof’s top layer that protects it. Smart contractors and homeowners will install a “walkway” on the roof that is simply a path of double-layered roofing materials that give added protection in the areas where you walk frequently.

3 Ways Roof Rite Can Help

The nine problems above are just a sample of the issues that roofs can have. Roof Rite understands these issues and knows how to help.

1. Our 17-Point Inspection is the Key to a Healthy Roof

This is perhaps the most critical step in the process, and it’s something we never rush. We complete a 17-point inspection of every square inch of your roof and attic. This results in a very thorough report that shows the true condition of your roof and attic, and it allows you to move ahead with the right strategy.

2. 20 Years of Experience

Roof Rite has almost twenty years of experience in this industry, and it has seen it all, from the most common roofing problems like the ones above to the most bizarre. We’re equipped with all of the right tools and resources to make your project, whether minor or major, an efficient, thorough success.

3. Quality Inspection and Repair From a GAF Master Elite Contractor

But don’t just take our word for it. We have the credentials to prove it. Roof Rite is a certified GAF Master Elite Contractor. Founded in 1886, the GAF (General Aniline & Film) company is the largest and one of the oldest manufacturers of roofing materials in North America, so when it certifies someone as “Master Elite,” that means something. Only 3% of all roofing contractors receive this certification. Besides having to be properly licensed and insured by the state of Michigan, it means that Roof Rite has shown deep commitment to professional training, has maintained a stellar reputation, and it has worked hard to remain current in the latest roofing technology and techniques.

Roof Rite Gives You Peace of Mind

When you use Roof Rite, the many common problems that plague a roof will no longer be a cause for worry. You will have the peace of mind knowing that elite roofing contractors are working hard to put your roof in the best condition it’s ever been in and working hard to make sure it stays that way.

CALL US now for complimentary inspections and quotes that are easy to understand and have no hidden fees. When we say it’s a free inspection and quote, we mean it.

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