Guide to Understanding Roofing Installation in Lincoln Park MI

When your home’s roof starts to fail and you make the decision to get a new roof installed you may have loads of questions about the process of roofing installation in Lincoln Park MI. In this article I’ll go over the methods that a certified roofing contractor in Lincoln Park Michigan will use to install your new roof. I’ll also include details about the setup and some of the decisions you’ll need to make for the roofing installation. Take a look at this guide to learn more about what to expect when you have a new roof installed in Lincoln Park MI.

Guide to Understanding Roofing Installation in Lincoln Park MI

Depending on the roofing contractor you hire to install your new roof some of these options can be omitted. Some will not offer all the options as well. You’ll need to talk with the roofing contractor in Lincoln Park Michigan to determine just what their methods are. This article can give you some details as to what most will ask and the decisions you’ll need to make during the consultation. Being prepared ahead of time will make the whole process a lot more easier on you.

Initial Inspection of the Roof

Unless you know for sure that you need a new roof installed it’s always best to get a roofing inspection done on your home. Getting an annual roofing inspection on your home can help you determine the life left in your home’s roof and it can also prevent damages by stopping them before a complete roof failure happens. Many roofers will insist on a roofing inspection first. This allows them to better inspect the roof to determine the amount of work that needs to be done on the roof. They will also take measurements on the roof. Once the dimensions of the roof and all the parts and components are noted then the roofing contractor can offer a free estimate on the roof. Without a proper inspection the roofing contractor may run into problems on the roof that were not included in the initial estimate. Typically, when this happens it can cause the roofing costs to go up.


Making Choices Concerning Roofing Methods

Depending on what type of shingles your home currently has on it will help you better determine just what type of shingles you’ll re-install. There are basically three models of asphalt shingles that are used today. They are:

  • 3 Tab Shingles
  • Architectural Shingles
  • Impact Resistant Shingles

Each of these types of asphalt shingles has unique features that makes them suitable for protecting a home. 3 Tab shingles are more economical to install but will protect your home. Whereas architectural shingles offers that same protection but are made to be more pronounced on the roof. The include extra layers of asphalt and also include shading on the face of the shingles. The third is impact resistant shingles which look very similar to architectural shingles however they offer better protection against damages to the roof. All of these types of shingles also come in a variety of colors to give your home a unique look.

Setting Up for the Project

Before the project begins the roofing contractor will likely show up the day before and deliver products to the job site. They may also deliver a container for debris that will be removed from the old roof. When getting a roofing installation in Lincoln Park Michigan where your old roof is removed you’ll have lots of old shingles and other roofing material that will need to be stored and removed after the project is complete. So having a container set up beforehand can cut down on clean up after the project.

Completed Project Details and Finalizing the Project

Once the roofing materials are installed the roofing contractor will likely do a complete walk over on the roof. They look for problem areas and basically inspect the roof to ensure it was done correctly. This is also when the final clean up will start. Many times bits and pieces of shingles can fall into shrubs and on the yards. Workers will remove this debris and then take a large magnet to go around the home to pick up any nails that may have feel on the ground. Once final clean up is done the project is complete and your roof is likely set for a few decades or even more.

Get Started on Your New Roof Installation Today

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