Inspecting your Roof in Michigan

Your roof takes on all sorts of enemies every day. These enemies can damage your roof and cause you to spend money on roofing repairs. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you keep inspecting your roof in Michigan to find these problems before they turn into huge problems. In this article I’ll discuss some of the things that you can do as a home owner to keep your roof in great shape and address any problems that may arise.

Inspecting your Roof in Michigan

inspecting your roof in Michigan

If you’re planning on inspecting your roof in Michigan you will need to consider all the safety issues as well. If you plan to actually go onto the roof be extremely careful. A fall from that height can be fatal so make sure you use safe equipment and you know what you’re doing. When in doubt you’re better off calling a roofing contractor in Michigan.

Stay on the Ground if you Can

Many parts of your roof can be inspected from the ground. You’ll likely need a set of binoculars to see closer to the actual objects you’ll be inspecting. This is a great way to stay safe by remaining on the ground and it can also give you a closer look at any problem areas. Sometimes you will not be able to see areas that are crucial however. One of which is the flashing around chimneys and other areas.

Another way for inspecting your roof in Michigan is by using a remote controlled drone with a camera attached. Most drones today have a high quality video or photo system that allows you to zoom in and inspect areas of the roof while remaining on the ground. This is also great because you don’t disturb any of the roofing material with persons stepping around on the roof. This is a great alternative to inspect your roof in Michigan.

Look for Cracks and Nail Pops

Using one of the methods above you’ll want to inspect areas on your roof that are more prone to leaking and problems. First check around any protrusions in the roof. This can be pipes or chimneys that pierce the roof and are sealed around them. Many times the tar or flashing that surrounds these areas can crack over time and start to leak. The nails or screws used to fasten them can also back out. If you see these problems in your roof it’s likely time to get a roof repair in Michigan before it damages the interior of your home.

Wildlife Can Cause Problems as Well

Squirrels may look innocent and cute but they can be a huge problem from your roof. They can find small holes and make them larger by chewing on the wood underneath. This may eventually lead to broken shingles and also squirrels making a new home in your attic. Just a single squirrel can drive you crazy and also damage your roof. Other wildlife can also cause problems including raccoon and birds.

Usually when wildlife enters a roof there are other problems as well. Many times over hanging trees allow the wildlife to get onto the roof where they can do damage. But the over hanging tree can damage your roof as well. Falling limbs and debris from the tree can damage the shingles or metal roofing on your home.

Leaves that accumulate on your home trap moisture. Along with the shade of the tree this moisture can remain on your home trapped in the debris and slowly eating away at your roof. Standing moisture like this can cause all sorts of problems for your roof in Michigan. First off, it will cause metal roofs to break down and even fade. So even when the debris is removed it may still leave a spot in your roof. Shingle roofs are much in the same as the granules may be more susceptible to falling off faster in that area.

You can also start to grow mold in the moisture and even moss can form on your roof. Inspecting your roof in Michigan can help you avoid these problems. If you inspect your roof and you find that some of the areas need repair be sure to get a roofing professional to fix you roof as soon as possible to avoid any larger problems.

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