Is ReRoofing in Michigan a Viable Option for Roof Repair

A common practice that many roofers in Michigan use is called reroofing. It’s actually putting new roofing material such as asphalt shingles over existing roofing already in place. This can save the home owner because it means they won’t need to pay for removing the old roof which is known as a tear off roofing replacement in Michigan. There are many different opinions on whether reroofing should or shouldn’t be done to a home. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both reroofing in Michigan and tear offs. I’ll go over some of the reasons why you should in this article. 

Is ReRoofing in Michigan a Viable Option for Roof Repair

The main reason people want to reroof their homes instead of getting a complete tear off is because it’s usually cheaper and many home owners don’t want to admit there is a problem with their home’s roof. While reroofing can certainly give you a lower price it can also give your home an added layer of protection as well. I’ll go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of reroofing in Michigan below.

Advantages of Reroofing your Home’s Roof

One of the biggest advantages of reroofing is price. Roofing Companies in Michigan won’t need to remove any of the old shingles which means much less labor work. They also won’t need to charge you as much for debris and cleanup after the job because all of the old shingles were left on the home. There may be some small pieces here and there but nothing compared to a complete tear off.

Another big advantage of reroofing is the fact that it saves time on getting a new roof installation in Michigan. Reroofs can typically be done in a day or less on average sized homes. The complete new roof can be installed and ready in just this short period of time usually unless there are any problems.

Many people consider reroofing to be less of a quality roof than a complete tear off but they are wrong. Reroofs look almost exactly like a new roof install and most people will not be able to tell a difference. You can change the color and style most times if you’re getting a reroof as well.

For home owners who will soon be selling their home reroofing is usually the option they choose. Simply because it’s cheaper. There is often a guarantee of reroofing material just like with a tear off roof.

Michigan reroofing work

Disadvantages of Reroofing on Your Home

For as many advantages there are for reroofing in Michigan there are some disadvantages too. The biggest disadvantage to getting a reroof is that the roof sheeting is not inspected like it would be in a tear off. During a tear off the entire roof is open for inspection and roofers can determine if each piece of sheeting is in good condition. During reroofing the sheeting is never uncovered so knowing what sort of condition the underlying wood is in would be a guess.

Another huge disadvantage to reroofing is the weight that is put on the home. By reroofing you’re actually adding a few thousand pounds of weight to the home. If your home has any foundation issues or structural issues this can make it even more unstable. Depending on the type and brand of shingle the reroof could add up to 200 pounds per 100 square feet of roof. Slight issues in your home’s structure could be exaggerated by this extra weight.

Reroofing with Metal Roofing Instead of Asphalt Shingles

Although most reroofing in Michigan situations is asphalt shingles laid over existing asphalt shingles there are other options for reroofing which include metal roofing. Most times when an asphalt shingle roof is being replaced with metal roofing the old roofing material is left in place and purlins are laid for the metal roofing. This is essentially reroofing with metal roofing and is very common on roofs that are being replaced with metal.

Home owners can still opt for a full tear off of their existing roof when it’s being replaced with metal roofing but many times it’s simply not necessary. Metal roofing does not have the additional weight that asphalt shingles have. And the price of metal roofing in Michigan is right in line with asphalt shingle roofing now as well.



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