Reasons for Roof Repairs in Michigan Guide

Most people never go on their roofs. After all, what would anyone need to be up there for? Sometimes however, it’s best to get a roof inspector to see what’s going on with the roof. In this article I’ll discuss some of the reasons why you may need a roof inspector come to your home and inspect your roof. These signs are really focused on residential roof repair in Michigan but can apply to commercial roofing and other areas as well. 

Reasons for Roof Repairs in Michigan Guide

I’ll give you some of the residential roof repair signs in this article and they are in no specific order. If you find any of these signs in your home it’s best to contact a roofing contractor in Michigan to determine what the problem is with your roof and get it repaired right away to avoid any damage. The following signs are in no specific order.

Fungi, Moss, and Other Stuff Growing On Your Roof

In areas on your roof that moisture is present for extended periods of time you may notice moss or other plant like substances growing on them. Although this may not penetrate the roofing material it could cause it to age prematurely and also fail prematurely. A likely place to find this sort of growth is under over hangs and where dense trees are on top of the roof. Pay close attention to the roof for signs that show this sort of growth so that you can get it removed before it damages your roof.

Broken Pieces of the Roof are Found on the Ground

When asphalt shingles that are located on the roof are found on the ground chances are you’re going to need residential roof repair. The reason why you may find bits and pieces of asphalt shingles on the ground is that the shingles break as wind gets under them. This is usually done during wind or thunderstorms with high wind. After a storm has passed take a look around your yard for bits and pieces of shingles and you may find they are laying about and if so you’ll need to get a roofing inspection in Michigan done. You may also notice areas on the roof that are off color and look distinctively different than the rest of the roof. What you’re looking at is likely the area where the shingle was located before it broke and the underlying shingle isn’t faded by the sun.

Top Signs You May Need Roof Repair in Michigan

Extreme Weather Affecting the Roof

Another common type of damage is done to a home’s roof by extreme weather. Thunderstorms are common in the Summer and Spring and can also have high winds associated with them. These high winds can make asphalt shingles break and loosen causing leaks in the roof. Weather can also cause damage to other areas of the roof including the ridge cap and around roof penetrations such as chimneys. If your home has been affected by a big storm and you feel it may have damaged the roof it’s important that you get a roof inspection before the next rain to get residential roof repairs done if needed. Once it rains it could cause more damage to the interior of the home including damaging ceilings and walls during the first rain after the roof repair is needed.

Is Your Roof Old?

When most home owners are asked exactly how old their roof is they either don’t know or they guess and it’s usually wrong. Most residential roofing materials are designed to last between 20 and 50 years so if your home has the same roof installed for more than 20 years the roofing material could be coming to the end of it’s useful life. Determining the type and warranty on the shingle is important to do because it can help you understand just how old the shingles are. Of course, if the shingles need to be replaced it doesn’t matter what age they are. Some circumstances can cause the shingles to age prematurely including trees on the roof. A roofing inspection can help to determine the approximate age of your roof and help you better understand how long before you’ll need to need a new roof installed.


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