Roof Flashing in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know about Flashing for Your Roof

Roof flashing in Michigan is an important part of your roof. If you don’t have flashing on your roof, or if the flashing is damaged, you are looking at some major problems. If you don’t know what roof flashing is or why you need it, take a look at this guide. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about roof flashing in Michigan.

Roof Flashing in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know about Flashing for Your Roof

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What is Roof Flashing?

First, we will take a look at what roof flashing is. Basically, roof flashing is a strip of material that is installed on your roof in the areas that need more protection. This material is bent in the shape of your roof to fit perfectly in the area that it is needed. Certain areas of your roof need extra protection from water caused by rain, melting ice and melting snow. The roof flashing material is made to let the walls and roof contract and expand with the changes of temperature, so that leaks and cracks aren’t allowed. So, basically, the roof flashing serves the purpose of keeping water out of places water shouldn’t be allowed in.

Where is Roof Flashing Used?

Roof flashing can be used in many different areas of your roof to keep water out. Some of the areas you may need roof flashing are:

  • Around the chimney of your home
  • Where your roof connects with your brick walls
  • Where flat roofs meet shingled areas
  • Where vents are installed on the roof

Basically, anywhere that water can come in through your roof, flashing needs to be installed. Your local roofer will be able to help you with that and they know exactly where the flashing needs to be installed.

What is Residential Flashing Made Of?

Roof flashing in Michigan for residential homes can be made out of different materials. It basically depends on what goes best with your roofing and what your local roofers prefer to use. Here are some of the materials that roof flashing for residential homes are usually made out of:

  • Aluminum
  • Rubber
  • Steel
  • Different kinds of liquid flashing as well

Do I Absolutely Need Flashing Installed on My Roof?

Do you absolutely need flashing installed on your roof? The answer to that question is, yes! This is something that really needs to be installed on your roof. Unless you want water damage in your home, it’s best to have the flashing installed where it needs to be installed. Normally, roof flashing is included in the price quoted for a new roof. So, to keep your home free of water damage, make sure your local roofers install the flashing.

Inspecting Your Roof Flashing in Michigan

Just like with your gutters, your roof flashing needs to be inspected as well. A good rule of thumb to go by is every time you inspect your gutters, inspect the flashing as well. If you don’t feel safe with inspecting the flashing on your home, call your local roofing company in Michigan to come out and inspect it for you. If you are inspecting the roof flashing yourself, here are some of the things you need to look for:

  • Flashing that is peeling
  • Flashing that is corroded
  • Flashing that is bent and looks like it’s coming off the roof
  • Flashing that looks really damaged

It is important that you keep a check on your roof flashing because once a piece of flashing is damaged, you will more than likely start encountering water damage in your home.

I hope this roof flashing in Michigan guide has provided you with a better insight on what flashing is. Many people have never heard of roof flashing, but honestly, it is a very important part of your roof. Without it, your home could have a ton of damage.

If you need help with other areas of your roof, or if you need information on new roof installation, types of roofs, etc., please visit our main page at Michigan Roof Pros. We provide you with a ton of resources, tips, and useful information to help you with everything that has to do with roofs in Michigan.

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