Should You Replace a Shingle Roof with Metal Roofing?

Recently, there has been a huge uptick in home that are built with metal roofing. This metal roofing offers a wide variety of colors that many home owners find appealing. But what if you’re currently living in your home and want a new roof? Many home owners are now wondering should you replace a shingle roof with metal roofing. And while it may seem like a good idea there are things you’ll need to know when switching over to a metal roof. I’ll address some of those concerns in this article. 

Should You Replace a Shingle Roof with Metal Roofing?

Are you planning on recovering your shingle roof with a metal roof. Chances are, you’re going to find many problems that most roofing contractors won’t tell you about. If you’re thinking about should you replace a shingle roof with metal roofing be sure to read these problems that can come up:

There May be Damage You Can’t See

When you replace the shingles on your home, contractors will usually tear off the old shingles and expose the roof below. If there are problems structurally with the roof, the contractor can find and repair the roof before putting shingles back on. The problem with metal roofing however is that many contractors will put the metal roofing over the current shingle roof. Any damage that was below the shingle roof is simply covered up and may not be structurally sound. Especially since a heavier weight load is placed on the roof with the metal roofing. You can request that your old shingle roof is removed prior to getting the metal installed to uncover these problems.

There May Be a Noise Factor in Upper Rooms

Some people enjoy the sound of rain on a metal roof, some do not. The sound of rain on a metal roof is much louder many times than a shingle roof. This is especially true in rooms that are on the top floor. The sound is also louder in areas where the roof is flatter. So additions to a home with a less steep roof will be louder in times of a hard rain. If you enjoy this rain sound then metal roofing could be a good choice, but if not you’ll be very irritated with it.

Choosing the Right Colors on Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing offers a variety of colors to choose from. From bright red to black to dark green. The colors that are offered can give you a bright eye catching look. Metal roofing also comes in silver or galvanized look as well that most commercial buildings may be using. When choosing a color for your metal roofing be sure you’ll be able to live with it for years. Like a shingle roof, the metal roofing used is sometimes guaranteed for a few decades.

Comparing Prices of Metal Roofing and Shingle Roofing

Surprisingly, metal roofing and shingle roofing is similar in price. There are different grades of shingles and metal roofing and when compared to each other they are relatively comparable. Getting smaller gauge metal roofing is cheaper like getting 3 tab shingles compared to architect shingles. Be sure to note this when considering getting a metal roof.

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