Skylight Repair in Michigan : Is There a Problem with Your Skylight in Your Michigan Home?

If you have a skylight in your home there is a chance that is will soon fail and cause damage to your home. Getting skylight repair in Michigan and determining if your skylight is in great shape for the upcoming storm season is crucial to stopping a huge problem before it begins. In this article I’ll go over some of the reasons why you may need to get your skylight checked and what you can do to determine if it is starting to fail. 

Skylight Repair in Michigan : Is Your Skylight Failing?

Knowing when your skylight is failing can sometimes be easy. There is water pouring in around the skylight or the glass is broken are two tell tale signs of a skylight which needs repair or replacing. However, sometimes a skylight can fail and the home owner doesn’t even know there is a problem. There may not be much visible damage but once a skylight fails it can lead to all sorts of problems. In this article I’ll discuss some of the things that happen when a skylight fails and if you need skylight repair in Michigan.

Get a Free Roof Inspection in Michigan

A great way to get your skylight inspected and make sure it’s working properly is by getting a free roof inspection in Michigan. When a contractor does a roof inspection one of the main areas they will check is the roof penetrations. Items such as plumbing vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights are all areas which require extra attention during a roof inspection in Michigan. Many times when the seal is broken around a skylight the inspector will certainly bring it to your attention in order to get skylight repair in Michigan. This can stop a potentially costly situation before it begins.

Skylight needing repair in Michigan

Resealing with More Tar or Roof Cement

If the seal is broken around the skylight it can usually be repaired fairly easily. As long as the seal is not totally damaged the roof technician can just add more tar or roof cement to the damaged seal. If there is a larger problem however the older sealant should be removed so it doesn’t cause more hidden problems later. Resealing broken or cracked seals can usually be performed at the same time as the roof inspection and the cost is typically cheap compared to skylight replacement.

Removing Debris from the Roof

Having debris on your skylight can cause all sorts of problems. Leaves the gather around the skylight are one of the worst things that can happen. Because the leaves hold moisture they continually keep the seal around the skylight damp. This can lead to mold growth and also plant growth whereas roots can push their way into the seal and damage it. If you have trees near the roof where your skylight is located be sure to keep any debris off the skylight. During a roof inspection the roof inspector may remove the debris to get a better look at the skylight seal.

What Happens When a Skylight Starts to Fail

Skylights that start to fail will do so in a variety of ways. If the seal between the glass panes starts to fail it will get cloudy and condensation will build up inside the skylight. Once this happens the energy efficiency of the skylight is significantly degraded. You’ll likely need to get the skylight replaced or get skylight repair in Michigan if this happens.

Another problem that a skylight will have is leaking water. However, you may not be able to see the leak or even notice it completely. This is especially true if you have tubular skylights. Because of the ducting and tubes the leak may be in a completely different area than where the skylight is located.

When a skylight starts to leak you’ll need skylight repair in Michigan. Water from the skylight leaking can cause all sorts of damage to walls and ceilings. And if left un-repaired it can lead to mold growth in your home which can be extremely dangerous. Look for water discoloration on walls and ceilings around skylights and on wall that are on the side of cathedral ceilings. Sometimes for people with pets they will usually think the pet had an accident. Check after rainy days to be sure.


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