Steep Slope and Low Slope Roofs in Michigan

Do you own a home with a steep slope roof? According to CertainTeed, a well-known, respected manufacturer of roofing products, some of the advantages of steep slope roofing include:

  •  Able to shed water faster and easier
  • Less prone to exposure to U/V activity

These are good advantages if you’re hoping to avoid water collecting on your roof, and want to reduce exposure to sunlight. If you do own this type of roof, or are interested in having one installed, you should consult with Michigan Roof Pros. They will break down the pros and cons of steep slope, flat roofs, metal roofing and low slope roofs, and which companies are best pertaining to repairs, maintenance and roof replacements.

It’s always good to have a go-to source of truth before you sign a contract with a roofing contractor. Of course, they recommend you hire a company that is fully insured and licensed, and one that offers warrantees on materials and labor.

Do you have a low slope or flat roof?

If your property features low slope roofing, you may live in a condo or townhouse. Or, you may own a garage with a low slope roof.  If you do and need a roofing company to do some maintenance, repairs or a roof inspection, they need to be familiar with this style.  GAF, a credible industry name, some of the benefits of a low slope roof are:

  • Usually more conducive to allowing air to flow through, whether hot or cool air
  • Because it requires less space, easier and cheaper to maintain

Michigan Roof Pros posts blogs on steep slope and low slope roofing systems, as well as protective roof coatings, re-roofs, tear-offs, skylight repairs, warrantees, roofing repairs, energy efficient options and more. They’re a great place to start whether your home is in Downriver MI or Washtenaw County – they’re in the loop and know which companies are reliable, trustworthy and customer top-rated. In other words, if you go to their site it will make your job easier if you own a residential or commercial roof that falls into a specialty category.

Slope Roofs in Michigan

Winter can be hard on your roof

If your roof had heavy snow or ice on it, it may have been weighed down considerably, requiring a roof ice dam removal or even roof shoveling.  A versatile roofing contractor will offer these types of roof winterization services, whether your roof is traditional, low slope or steep slope. They will have the right type of ladder to use, as well as protective gear and high-tech roof cleaning systems, so you’ll have zero worries.  If your roof has been affected by harsh winter weather and storms, you could be dealing with loose or missing shingles, roof damage, holes or leaks. That’s why it’s best to have your roof inspected at least once a year, especially if it’s been hit by bad weather.

If your roof had heavy snow or ice on it, it may

have been weighed down considerably, requiring a roof ice

dam removal or even roof shoveling. 

If you have tile roofing and need roofing professionals in Ann Arbor Michigan, Michigan Roof Pros will point you in the right direction. They also offer great advice on insurance claims, GAF and CertainTeed materials, roof inspections, permits and what is required depending on your location. 

Your roof needs attention

It may be that time of year when you’re pondering a home renovation or remodeling project, and if you are, you might be thinking of flooring, painting, cement, drywall, siding, windows and doors. Whatever you do, don’t forget your roof, because if it needs attention and is neglected, you might end up with problems such as termites, mold, water condensation, poor ventilation and damaged shingles. Before any of those happen, call a reliable, insured and certified roofing company that has positive customer reviews on Facebook, Twitter and other reputable sites. Make sure customers give good referrals, and discuss topics such as performance, roofing materials, workmanship and personalized service. You don’t want to be another number at some huge roofing company, one that will put you on hold forever and won’t give you the service you deserve. If you find a company that is family-owned and puts you first, you’ll be on the right track to receiving the best roofing services in your city.

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